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  • PICTURES: SPUTNIK 50 - Images spanning 50 years of spaceflight: past icons and future concepts

PICTURES: SPUTNIK 50 - Images spanning 50 years of spaceflight: past icons and future concepts

To commemorate Sputnik’s first flight fifty years ago today (4th October 2007), has put together a set of fifty space; 25 highlighting significant breakthroughs and innovations of the last 50 years of space travel, the other 25 offering an insight into what the future of space travel may hold.

Below is a listing of the images, alternatively you can look at a slideshow of the iconic images.


50 Space Images

NASA astronaut Alan Shephard being launched on his suborbital trip by the Mercury-Redstone rocket
A replica of the rocket that launched Yuri Gagarin in his Vostock 1 capsule
NASA’s Gemini-Titan II rocket at Cape Kennedy’s launch complex 19
A UK Bluestreak F3 rocket launches 22 March 1965 on the third such test
Apollo 11 crew
Apollo mission sequence
Apollo 13 service module explosion damage
Apollo 13 crew back home
NASA’s Skylab space station
Soviet Union’s Mir space station
Plaque left behind by final Apollo mission, Apollo 17
Maiden flight of Space Shuttle Columbia 12 April 1981
The 1979 maiden flight of the European Space Agency’s Ariane rocket
ESA’s Envisat satellite was launched in 2002
Chinese Long March launch in January 1986
Voyager 1 in Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s clean room before its 5 September 1977 launch
Soviet Union’s Buran shuttle mated to its Energia booster
ESA concept of Hermes spaceplane from 1990s
Experimental Israeli satellite called Offeq
The sixth Japanese N-II rocket lifts off from its Osaki launch site in August 1984
UK Skynet 4 military telecommunications satellite
ESA’s Cluster satellite being launched by a Soyuz rocket
International Space Station
Japanese lifting body design shuttle
NASA unmanned spaceplane
Japanese spaceplane
Japanese spaceplane approaches a space station
Early NASA rotating space station with shuttle docking
Rotating space station form 2001: a Space Odyssey
A European Space Agency deep space ship in low Earth orbit
NASA rotating spaceship for artificial gravity
Japanese lunar cargo transportation
Japanese manned lunar lander
NASA lunar crane
Lunar rover with crane
NASA lunar telescope array construction
NASA astronauts and lunar rover
NASA astronauts and lunar lander
Japanese lunar outpost
Japanese concept of early international lunar outpost
Japanese concept of domed lunar base
Early NASA Mars base concept
ESA Mars base concept
Japanese Mars base
Japanese Mars unmanned flying vehicles
ESA Mars base with rover
NASA Mars unmanned flying vehicles
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