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Poland seals $250 million JASSM deal

Poland's defence ministry has signed a $250 million contract to purchase Lockheed Martin AGM-158A JASSM weapons for the nation's air force. Completed at Krzesiny air base on 11 December, the deal will equip the service's Lockheed F-16C/D aircraft.

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Polish defence ministry

Lockheed will supply 40 of the stand-off missiles under the contract, along with two instrumented test weapons, inert training rounds, support equipment andpersonnel training. The air force's fighters will also undergo anoperational flightplan upgrade to the M6.5 software standard to enable JASSM integration.

A first batch of missiles should be delivered in 2017.

The US Defense Security Co-operation Agency in September valued the 40-unit JASSM deal as being worth a potential $500 million.

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