Pratt & Whitney increases thrust on PurePower geared turbofan

Pratt & Whitney is developing a PurePower geared turbofan engine with a higher thrust of up to 35,000lb, the company announced.

Pratt says the PW1135G-JM engine will be used to power Airbus A321neo aircraft and is being targeted to customers that need increased performance at hot and high-altitude airports.

"The engines higher thrust [allows] A321neo operators to fly routes of greater distance while carrying more passengers or larger payload when operating out of high-altitude airports," says the company in a media release.

Connecticut-based Pratt adds that the new engine will be useful to carriers operating out of airports like those in Mexico City and Bogota, Colombia.

Previously, Pratt has said its largest PurePower geared turbofan produced up to 33,000lb of thrust.

The company also announces it has delivered to Airbus the first set of PW1100G-JM engines.

Pratt has completed more than 75% of expected certification testing for the engine, having conducted 9,000h of testing, says the media release.

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