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Ramp staff praised for tackling SkyUp 737 gear fire

Egypt's civil aviation ministry is praising ground personnel for quickly reacting to a landing-gear fire which broke out on a SkyUp Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Sharm el-Sheikh.

The aircraft (UR-SQH), operating flight PQ7153 from Zaporizhia on 9 November, had turned into its parking bay after landing when, shortly after it stopped, flames erupted on the left-hand main gear.

SkyUp says the flight had not experienced any problems en route. It says the fire was detected during parking and was "quickly extinguished" by airport staff "without the use of special equipment".

None of the 189 passengers and seven crew members was injured.

Surveillance video of the incident shows ramp workers fetching fire-extinguishers from ground-support vehicles standing by to receive the aircraft, and appearing to tackle the blaze within 1min of its starting.

There is no immediate indication of evacuation from the surveillance video, and the airline has not clarified when the passengers left the aircraft.

The Egyptian civil aviation ministry says the fire "could have turned into a disaster" but states that staff from EgyptAir Ground Services dealt "professionally" with the fire, preventing its spreading to other parts of the aircraft.

It attributes the fire to a leak of hydraulic oil. SkyUp says EgyptAir engineers inspected the aircraft and that it will undergo replacement of its wheel assembly and brakes.

Cirium fleets data lists the 737-800 involved as a 2004 airframe, managed by Air Lease and introduced by SkyUp earlier this year.