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Rockwell Collins launches UK simulation base

Rockwell Collins has launched its new simulation centre for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Burgess Hill in the UK.

The manufacturing and development base is the result of consolidation following acquisition of simulation specialist Evans and Sutherland, computing and software company SEOS, and Blue Ridge Simulation.

Several products have also been launched by Rockwell Collins to advance the realism of its simulation, visual systems and battlefield mission training capability.

Rockwell Collins rolled out a demonstration of battlefield mission training using its live virtual constructive (LVC) system, which enables assets in widely diverse locations to combine to perform real-time missions. The demonstration exercise involves calling for unmanned airborne support to destroy enemy ground mobile units, to exhibit the company's new FireStorm targeting system.

The Griffin real image display system, meanwhile, is a new product for training Lockheed Martin F-35 pilots. This high-resolution back-projected dome is intended to provide a realistic all-round external visual environment for the co-ordinated F-35 cockpit simulator. The visual realism is the result of another advance, the ProSim ultra-high-contrast projector, several of which provide the dome’s back-projection.