ROUTES: Airbus keeps A380 improvement options open

Airbus says it will examine ways to improve the A380 as and when the market need arises and it deems it necessary to introduce developments.

Speaking at the World Routes Strategy Summit in Las Vegas, Airbus head of strategic marketing Richard Carcaillet said the manufacturer would react to market developments, such as customer requirements for improvements.

Emirates Airline president Tim Clark recently pledged his support and belief in the A380, but called on Airbus and its engine suppliers to offer improved engines incorporating the latest engine technology in development for the General Electric GE9X and CFM Leap.

Responding to a question about Clark’s comments, Carcaillet said: “Developments of the A380 family will happen in future. This is a 40-year programme we’ve entered into, this is not just one model.

“There is a family concept that the airlines have known about for the last decade. Developments will occur as and when markets and Airbus interest coincide, and that something for the future.”

He adds: “For now, the A380 is just the most efficient aircraft on the market – full stop.”

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