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San Diego airport prepares for gate expansion

San Diego International airport is preparing to startconstruction of 10 new gates next year as the facility expects its passenger count to nearly double by 2030.

Currently the airport has 41 gates, and the new gates are being added in terminal two West. Airport officials expect to complete construction in late 2012 or 2013.

The planned expansion ispart of an estimated $1 billion construction effort that began this July and is expected to be complete by 2013.

Extra gates are needed as San Diego's passenger count is expected to reach between 27 million and 33 million by 2030, an airport spokesman says, adding, "The 10 new gates will help the airport accommodate this increase in demand over the next several years."

Last year the airport served 18.1 million passengers.The latest data available shows that the airport served 12.8 million passengers year-to-date this September, an 8.6% decline from the nine-month period last year.

Other elements of the construction project include airfield improvements to increase the efficiency of aircraft movement and expanded passenger shopping and dinning areas.

The airport's spokesman explains more aircraft parking spaces are being added on the airside of terminal 2, which will elminate the need for

aircraft now parked on the opposite side of the airfield to cross the runway in the mornings.

The total construstion costs include $865 million in direct costs and $145 million in financing costs.

User fees, airport revenue bonds, airport cash and FAA grants are covering construction costs.

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