Saratov Airlines An-148 crashes outside Moscow

A Saratov Airlines An-148 regional jet en route to Orsk crashed not long after taking off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on 11 February, the Russian government says.

The twin-engined Antonov, that typically seats between 65-84 passengers, came down near Ramenskoye, a distant Moscow suburb about 40km (25 miles) northeast of Domodedovo, the Ministry of Emergency Situations says. It was operating Saratov Flight 703.

Russian state news agency Tass reports that the aircraft was carrying a total of 71 people – 65 passengers and six crew – all of whom are understood to have died.

The registration of the aircraft could not be immediately identified.

Saratov operates five An-148s delivered in 2009 and 2010, according to Flight Fleets Analyzer. All five aircraft are owned by Ilyushin Finance Company, a Russian lessor, Fleets Analyzer shows.

The Russian government dispatched 150 people and 20 pieces of equipment, including a Mil Mi-8 helicopter, to the crash site, the Ministry of Emergency Situations states.

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