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  • SAS takes total control of Spanair ahead of divestment

SAS takes total control of Spanair ahead of divestment

SAS Group has today confirmed it has agreed to take Marsans Group affiliated investment vehicle Teinver’s remaining 5.1% stake in Spanair ahead of its plan to sell the Spanish carrier.

The Scandinavian carrier and Marsans – through Teinver - held 49% and 51% of Spanair respectively until SAS increased its stake to nearly 75% in late 2001. It increased this again to nearly 95% in 2003.

Earlier this month SAS announced its plan to sell its stake in Spanair as part of a wide-ranging restructuring plan and Marsans owner – and Spanair president - Gonzalo Pascual immediately announced his intention to bid for the carrier.

As a precursor to launching its bid, Pascual said he had sold Teinver’s remaining 5.1% stake to SAS so that bidders could bid for 100% of the airline.

SAS Group today confirms it will complete the acquisition of this stake today, giving it 100% of Spanair as part of its preparation for divestment.

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