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  • Singapore Airlines' remaining A380s to have 409 seats

Singapore Airlines' remaining A380s to have 409 seats

Singapore Airlines is to reduce the seating density on its remaining Airbus A380s by 13%, slashing the economy-class cabin in favour of more business-class accommodation.

The airline is to fit just 409 seats in the eight outstanding A380s which it has on order.

Singapore Airlines' in-service fleet of 11 A380s are configured with 471 seats. These comprise 12 first-class and 60 business-class seats, plus an economy cabin seating 399.

But a spokesman for SIA confirms that while the 12 first-class suites will stay, the business-class seating will be increased to 86 in the eight aircraft yet to be delivered.

The economy-class seating will be cut back to 311 seats.

SIA has not detailed the precise layout of the aircraft but its current 471-seat A380s have 311 economy seats on the lower deck, which could indicate that the 88 upper-deck economy seats will be replaced by 26 business-class seats - giving the A380 an all-business upper deck.

This reconfiguration will also mean SIA will operate one of the lowest-density A380s in the global fleet. Only Korean Air has fewer seats, having declared a 407-seat layout for its A380s, the first of which will be handed over on 24 May.

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