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Soko designs new UAVs

Two new unmanned air vehicle systems are under development by the Soko ZI design bureau in Zagreb, Croatia.

The B-3 system can carry a 20kg (44lb)payload at altitudes up to 14,760ft (4,500m) and has an operating range of about 150km (80nm). Powered by a Limbach L275E engine, the UAV has a cruise speed of 57kt (106km/h) and a maximum speed of 97kt. The design has a maximum endurance of up to 9h.

The B-4 design uses a UAV Engines AR741 powerplant and has a 40kg payload. The vehicle has a 12h endurance and a cruise speed of 80kt.

Each UAV system will comprise three reconnaissance air vehicles and one communications relay platform controlled by two ground crews, says Soko. The company is promoting the designs for a range of military and civilian applications