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  • Teijin to supply carbonfibre materials for Airbus aircraft

Teijin to supply carbonfibre materials for Airbus aircraft

Teijin, a Japanese synthetic textile maker, has signed a long-term deal with Airbus' parent EADS to supply carbonfibre and carbonfibre-based materials for various passenger aircraft models.

The first phase would see them supplying a laminate of carbonfibre reinforced thermoplastic resin, which is undergoing trials for use on the upcoming Airbus A350.

Toho Tenax expects this to be the first of many deals in the thermoplastic field, given the increasing demands within the industry for carbonfibre composites.

The company is investing in a new thermoplastic line in its German manufacturing facility, which should begin production in March 2011.

Toho Tenax and Airbus have been collaborating since 1989, with the plastics firm supplying carbonfibre filament yarn for aircraft including the A320, A330, A340, and the A380.

The two companies say that they will continue working together to achieve greater energy and weight efficiency for future aircraft types.

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