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  • The Royal Air Force celebrates its 90th Anniversary

The Royal Air Force celebrates its 90th Anniversary

RAF logo1st April 2008 marks the anniversary of the creation of the Royal Air Force in 1918.

To commemorate this iconic and pivotal air force we've compiled some goodies both modern and historic:

Video:  Chinook flight London commemorates RAF anniversary

"BN" is celebrating more than 25 years of service to the Crown in most of the military campaigns involving the RAF in the last quarter century. The twin-rotor helicopter has recently undergone an extensive service. She was the sole survivor of six Chinooks that were sent to the South Atlantic at the start of the Falklands Conflict in 1982. She was in the air when the container ship Atlantic Conveyor, with the other five on board, was sunk off the Falklands by an Argentine missile.

raf in the archives thumbFrom Flight's 100-year archives

The creation of the Royal Air Force
The original document outlining the creation of the permanent Royal Air Force by Winston Churchill, then Secretary of State for Air

What did the RAF look like in 1919?
From the Flight archives, here's a run down of the current and proposed assests of the RAF as of December, 1919

War in the Air - the RAF's finest hour
The Battle of Britain during World War Two was a defining moment for the Royal Air Force

raf aircraftThe RAF In Pictures

Pictures of the RAF from AirSpace

raf bikiniOn AirSpace

Modern RAF highlights from Flightglobal

The technology that arms today's RAF

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