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TIJT trainer hits 100

Hindustan Aeronautics’ (HAL) HJT-36 intermediate jet trainer (IJT) performed its 100th test flight on 14 June during the type’s debut appearance at the Paris show. The Indian company’s two Snecma Larzac-powered IJT prototypes are now supporting development of the basic trainer design, with production aircraft to use locally produced AL-55I turbofans providing an increased power output. The Indian air force has a requirement for at least 200 IJTs to replace the service’s HAL-built Kiran trainers.
Unveiled this year, the HJT-39 twin-engined combat aircraft trainer is awaiting approval to proceed into the development phase, says company chairman Ashok Baweja. The company and air force will soon make a decision on development of the aircraft, he says, adding that the programme will require 40 months to progress to first flight (Flight International, 15-21 February).
HAL and the air force have still to conclude an anticipated deal for production of up to 40 Tejas light combat aircraft, says Baweja.



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