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  • UAC chief Pogosyan details Russian military aircraft production

UAC chief Pogosyan details Russian military aircraft production

Russia's United Aircraft Corporation expects to sustain the annual production of between 70 and 90 fixed-wing combat aircraft for the next few years, in line with its performance in 2011.

Military sales accounted for 80% of the 102 aircraft produced last year, said company president Mikhail Pogosyan. The Russian air force was the largest recipient, taking delivery of six Sukhoi Su-34 twin-seat interdiction aircraft, 12 Su-27SM3s assembled from parts manufactured under a cancelled Chinese order, and several twin-seat Su-30M2s. Four Su-35s were also handed over to support test activities, with the type due to enter air force service in 2013.

Russia also signed a deal in August 2011 for the remanufacture of 30 RSK MiG-31BM interceptors, with these to join 20 modified examples already returned to use.

Export business last year totalled $1.69 billion for 36 Su-30-series fighters sold to Algeria, India, Uganda and Vietnam, while MiG-29s worth $800 million were handed over to the Indian navy, Myanmar and Syria.

In December 2011, Irkut made the first export deliveries of 16 Yakovlev Yak-130 advanced jet trainers to Algeria under a contract estimated at $200 million. Irkut president Alexei Fedorov said talks are "at an early stage" to sell 10 more to Bangladesh, while Syria has also been reported as having placed an order.

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