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  • VIDEO: Passenger captures Tarom 737 vehicle collision

VIDEO: Passenger captures Tarom 737 vehicle collision

Investigators are examining a Tarom Boeing 737-300 which sustained serious damage during take-off from Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport on 30 December after striking a vehicle on the runway.

Romanian television has shown video images, apparently taken by a passenger seated on the right-hand side of the aircraft, which seem to show the 737 experiencing a sudden impact or explosion during its take-off roll.

Images taken after the event show the aircraft off the runway, with evacuation slides deployed and damage to its left-hand undercarriage and engine.

While Tarom could not immediately be reached for comment, local reports cite Tarom director Gheorghe Barla as saying that a vehicle had been unintentionally left on the runway after checks.

The aircraft had been bound for the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Snow and fog were present at the time of the accident. Local reports state there were 120 passengers on board, although there is no indication of any injuries.

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