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  • Virgin Nigeria rebrands again, this time as 'Air Nigeria'

Virgin Nigeria rebrands again, this time as 'Air Nigeria'

Virgin Nigeria is to rebrand for the second time in nine months, adopting the name 'Air Nigeria' for its operation.

The rebrand follows the agreement by Nicon Group to take a controlling share in the African carrier, in which Virgin Atlantic was a founding shareholder.

Virgin Atlantic signalled its intent last year to withdraw from the airline and, as a consequence, remove the Virgin Group branding.

Last September the carrier revealed that it would be renamed Nigerian Eagle Airlines, and began repainting its fleet in a new colour scheme.

But the change has not been reflected across the company and it has still been referring to itself as Virgin Nigeria.

Acquisition of a majority share in the airline by Nicon Group, however, has resulted in a board decision to approve and register a new name for the company - Air Nigeria Development - and brand the carrier as Air Nigeria.

Chairman Jimoh Ibrahim says that the first aircraft to carry the new name will arrive next week from Shannon, and that the rest of the fleet will quickly be repainted.

He says the rebranding is "necessary in order to make the airline fully indigenous".

Air Nigeria will have 10 aircraft by the beginning of October. The carrier is undergoing a turnaround programme to "address financial distress" but insists this will be completed "within a short time".

Virgin Nigeria E-190

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