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  • Vulcanair readies P68C for Brazil

Vulcanair readies P68C for Brazil

Italian general aviation company Vulcanair is about to make its first foray into the Brazilian market with the delivery later this month of its first customer-owned aircraft.

The P68C piston twin - which received Brazilian certification in March 2009 - is being prepared for its ferry flight to Brazil, says the Casoria, Naples-based company. It will be handed over to an unnamed pharmaceutical customer, which will use the aircraft for corporate transport.

Vulcanair adds that the P68 family - which also includes the P68 Observer and turbocharged Observer utility aircraft - is well adapted to the Brazilian market due to its ability to operate within the remote regions where the transport infrastructure is poor.

"The P68 is an ideal replacement to the Piper Seneca 11 of which around 1,000 were built under licence by Embraer," says Vulcanair director Remo de Feo, who adds that the P68 has attracted a great deal of interest from private customers, charter operators and businesses "particularly gas and utility companies", from across the region.

Vulcanair P68, Vulcanair
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