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  • WATS 2011: CAE, airlines extend ab initio training pacts

WATS 2011: CAE, airlines extend ab initio training pacts

CAE Global Academy, under extended pilot provisioning contracts announced this month, will qualify 150 pilots to take a seat in the cockpits of several Asian and European airlines.

The CAE Global Academy network provides ab initio flight training at 11 campuses worldwide and can handle training for up to 1,800 student pilots each year, according to the Montreal-based simulator manufacturer.

The extended ab initio training agreements include Indonesia's privately run Lion Air, Vietnam Airlines, an undisclosed carrier as well as the Association des Pilotes Professionnels Antillo-Guyanais (AAPAG).

AAPAG is the European Commission's aviation initiative that aims to "enable young people from overseas French territories to pursue professional aviation careers," according to APPAG president Lucien Plaisance.

Lion Air will choose its new first officers from among the graduates at several CAE Global Academy campuses, including Amsterdam, Brussels and Evora, Portugal. Vietnam Airlines' ab initio candidates train at CAE's Mesa, Arizona, campus and join the airline as first officers.

APPAG cadets are trained under European aviation standards at CAE campuses in Phoenix and Brussels.

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