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Webbies 2008 - Best Aerospace Manufacturer Website

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Best Aerospace Manufacturer Website

Who’s this category for?

Airframers and Tier 1 systems manufacturers

Criteria: the Best Aerospace Manufacturer Website is awarded to the site that demonstrated effective navigation and design specifically throughout the presentation of product information and technical specifications.

Judges: Murdo Morrison (Editor – Flight International), Michael Targett (Editor Flightglobal)

Features: showcases all products via an interactive user interface. Product tours and multimedia.
Judges liked: a great manufacturer product site that has gone that one step further. Lots of visual gee-whizzery and interactivity staying just on the side of fun and informative rather than gimmicky. Superb home page. Lots of information and options displayed through an effective design. Interactive product tours are good, as is the use of video and audio.

Features: a “best-in-class” site designed to promote Boeing Commercial Aircraft. Showcases the product line and provides a forum for users to experience key differentiators of the aircraft. Interface includes interactivity and rich media technology. Highlights Boeing’s environmental innovation and key initiatives towards sustainability.
Judges liked: a terrific “web 2.0” innovation using a catchy URL and every visual trick in the book to lure aircraft enthusiasts into the Boeing brand. Lots of great, sticky content which is the reason for the 7m 45s average visit to the site.

Features: clean, user friendly designed site going beyond just the engine specs and fuel burn. The site is an information destination and contains information that appeals to all those interested in not only CFM engines, but aviation in general.
Judges liked: shows joined-up thinking with overall branding and advertising campaign. Big emphasis on green technology, striking and simple home page that allows the user to navigate effectively through to lots of good content. No ambiguity about what message CFM is trying to convey.


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