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Why Emirates chose ILA to reveal big A380 deal

Why did Emirates announce its massive A380 order at ILA rather than the higher-profile Farnborough air show next month? That was a question many were asking at an event that has been seen in the past as a rather parochial get-together for German industry.

There were two reasons. While the Dubai-based airline is already comfortably ensconced in the UK market, it is desperate to secure more lucrative German routes, including Berlin, where the regulatory and political environment is not so welcoming to potentially dominant foreign carriers.

Despite the temptation to delay the announcement to July, Emirates bosses figured the opportunity to impress German media and ministers, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, was too good to pass over.

Airbus parent EADS is also by far the biggest exhibitor at ILA, and through its influence with German trade association BDLI, in effect underwrites the whole event. The European giant was delighted to dominate the headlines at what it regards, with Paris, as one of its two home shows.

Emirates A380 signing, Billypix
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