Flight test of HIFiRE 4 c Australian Department of Defense


Pentagon joins with Australia to develop SCIFiRE, an air-breathing hypersonic missile

The US Department of Defense and Australian Department of Defence have joined to develop an air-breathing hypersonic missile called the Southern Cross Integrated Flight Research Experiment (SCIFiRE).

Brazilian air force Embraer E-99M AEW&C


Brazil boosts AEW&C capability with upgraded Embraer E-99M

The Brazilian air force has accepted its first Embraer EMB-145 airborne early warning and control system aircraft to have undergone modernisation.



Korean Air wins H-53E, F-16 maintenance work

Korean Air Aerospace Division (KAL-ASD) has secured contracts from the US military related to the Sikorsky H-53E helicopter and Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter.

F-35A nuclear weapon november 2020


F-35A drops inert nuclear bomb for first time

The Lockheed Martin F-35A has operated a flight test involving the dropping of a mock B61-12 nuclear bomb.

MQ-9 Reaper flies a training mission over the Nevada Test and Training Range Credit USAF - 1


MQ-9 set to explore artificial intelligence in UAVs

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has landed a $93.3 million contract related to artificial intelligence in unmanned aircraft.

Blue Water Maritime Logistics UAV prototype made by startup Skyways c Skyways


US Navy studies resupplying ships and submarines using small UAVs

The US Navy is studying resupplying submarines and other ships over long distances using small unmanned air vehicles.

L-39NG flight Kouba 2


DARPA awards contracts for teaming manned and autonomous aircraft in aerial dogfighting

Several months after an artificially intelligent software program beat an experienced fighter pilot in a simulated aerial dogfight, DARPA is moving onto the next phase of its Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program: teaching autonomous programs to team with human pilots in combat.

SIkorsky UH-60A retrofitted with ALIAS and fly-by-wire controls making first flight under human pilotage c Sikorsky


Sikorsky plans to autonomously fly multiple UH-60 Black Hawks in formation in 2021

Landing multiple helicopters in a small landing zone – especially an area hidden in a cloud of dust and criss-crossed with enemy gun fire – is one of the more complicated and dangerous manoeuvres US Army pilots must be able to perform. Now, DARPA wants to see if a computer can do it for them.



USA approves $23bn sale of F-35s, MQ-9Bs and thousands of weapons to UAE

The US Department of State has approved the sale of an aircraft and weapons package worth up to $23.37 billion to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including 50 examples of the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II stealth fighter.

MQ-9B Protector


USA approves sale of four MQ-9B SkyGuardians to Taiwan

The US Department of State has approved the possible sale of four General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9B SkyGuardian unmanned air vehicles to Taiwan.

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