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Company background

OGMA is a world-leading manufacturing, repair & overhaul (MRO) organization based in Portugal, with around 1700 people working in the main facility near Lisbon.

The company is 65% owned by manufacturer Embraer and 35% by the Portuguese Government. The business turns over approximately €200 million a year and conducts airframe, engine and component maintenance across military, commercial and executive aircraft. It also has another business unit dedicated to manufacturing metallic and composite structures.

The military sector accounts for 66% of OGMA’s total business while the civil sector is responsible for 34%. More than 90% of the commercial and business jets work is base, engine and component maintenance requests for Embraer aircraft.

This specialization means it is fundamental for OGMA’s commercial and senior management teams to have a detailed view of the location and ownership of all Embraer commercial aircraft and other military aircraft.

The challenge

To produce insight that supports business decisions OGMA’s analysts must carry out in-depth research. An essential element of this research is data that includes the location of aircraft, engines or landing gears.

OGMA’s analysts must access validated data that is comprehensive, accurate and timely to confirm or dismiss assumptions successfully. If OGMA did not have access to a verified fleet database, it would be impossible to deliver high-quality analysis.

OGMA realizes that data quality, accuracy and timeliness would be critically impaired if its analysts had to source data directly because multi-source data management is a complex process. Certain investments, which can be time consuming and expensive, must be made to meet the required levels of reliability and trust in fleet data, such as:

  • Maintaining the right relationships with airlines to collect data
  • Developing processes for updating data
  • Implementing methodologies to process and validate data

Proper data collection and management can take years to perfect. If the analysts at OGMA had to perform searches for their research using multiple sources, it would put them at risk for using scattered, unreliable data. As a result, commercial and senior management teams could make decisions that would negatively influence the growth of the organization.

OGMA needed to ensure it had a premium fleets solution that would save time with researching and validating data, and provide it with the most up-to- date fleet information to power their business intelligence.

The solution

FlightGlobal’s Flight Fleets Analyzer is a great fit for OGMA. It provides more than 100,000 commercial aircraft records and has a comprehensive view of all in-service, stored, retired, and on-order Embraer aircraft.

The business intelligence (BI) team manages the process of exporting and analyzing the fleet data directly from Flight Fleets Analyzer. These requests for fleet analysis typically come from the commercial teams looking to validate assumptions on core details affecting a potential deal or providing them with a map of potential opportunities by segmenting a specific aircraft type and sub-series by operating base/location.

OGMA has improved its ability to conduct market sizing by using Flight Fleets Analyzer to export searches on the number of aircraft operating in a specific region. This data is broken down into further detail to analyze the trends of current operators, managers and owners.

The commercial team takes a large market analysis and can request further granular research from the BI team surrounding an individual aircraft record, with the objective of sourcing the maintenance history and supplier. Flight Fleets Analyzer makes these granular requests simple by allowing the user to search by serial or registration number. The aircraft profile page displays a detailed aircraft history, hours and cycles utilization data, owner, manager and previous maintenance events, giving the sales staff detailed and credible information to support their discussions with the prospect or customer.

If the sales manager wants a deeper analysis of maintenance records, Flight Fleets Analyzer allows the BI team to dive down into core details about existing maintenance contracts. The team has access to details of more than 25,000 maintenance contracts broken down by airframe maintenance, including A, B, C and D checks, landing gear, components, composites, wheel/tyre/brake providers, and more than 7,500 additional engine/APU overhaul contracts.

One of the key aspects of Flight Fleets Analyzer is the ability not just to conduct fleet overviews but to dive down into engine analysis. OGMA is currently using this solution successfully to conduct an in-depth market-sizing exercise of the number of Rolls-Royce engines operating on Embraer aircraft.

The data supplied by Flight Fleets Analyzer has helped OGMA’s sales function to save time in researching the location of new opportunities, allowing more time to focus on pursuing commercial opportunities with confidence and authority.

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