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    COMMENT: The difficulties of aircraft delivery timetable planning


    Farnborough visitors could feast their eyes on a fantastic array of new airliner hardware that was on parade. But customers for this advanced breed just wish that the production effort could be conducted as smoothly as their aerial displays

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    COMMENT: New model armies


    Asia-Pacific's network-carrier royalty is under attack from all sides, forcing the region's leading airlines to re-evaluate long-established business models as they try to work out how to compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace

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    COMMENT: Is there some comfort to be found in expensive fuel?


    Sustained oil prices are ratcheting up the pressure on airlines to find more ways to tackle costs that are under their control. But with the industry pointing in the direction of unknown territory, could there also be some comfort to be had from expensive fuel?

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    COMMENT: How the giant plates are shifting for alliances


    Giant plates are shifting within the global alliances, and the outcomes could have lasting consequences for the losers. The major offensive, of course,...

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    COMMENT: The pressure is on to turn paper to reality


    A coffee-break chat at the recent Airline Business Network USA conference in Tampa, Florida, highlighted the blind faith airlines are willing to...

  • Piper Altaire

    Comment: Business jet market fails to pay the Piper


    The demise of Piper Aircraft's great hope for the future, the Altaire personal jet, may signal a new sensibility in the aerospace industry: just because you can afford to build something does not mean you should.

  • Environment

    Initial ECJ opinion on EU ETS legal challenge expected soon


    The European Court of Justice's senior legal advisor is poised to put forward an opinion on the challenge against the inclusion of aviation in the EU's emissions trading system (ETS), brought forward by the Air Transport Association of America (ATA) and three of its members.

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    Comment: Oh, for perfect vision


    Good news this week from Airbus, whose experts forecast the world's air operators will buy nearly 28,000 new jets between now and 2030 - more than doubling the size of the fleet to the high side of 31,000.

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    Comment: Champagne on ice tastes all the sweeter


    You might wonder what Boeing has to do to catch a break. Just as its 787 widebody finally rolls toward commercial service, the high-power beams lighting up Everett turn out not to be theatrical spotlights, but ­rather the headlamps of an oncoming express that ­carried a late delivery of trouble.

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    Comment: A high-profile tragedy yields opportunities


    Maybe the Paris air show distracted attention from the Tupolev Tu-134 crash at Petrozavodsk in June. Maybe there was a collective weary shrug, a resigned attitude of "this is Russia", or perhaps the loss of 40-odd people on a chartered Soviet jet did not meet some notional threshold for a ...

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    Comment: Governments be gone


    Europe's aerospace giant has been an undeniable success story since its creation a decade ago from national champions. It is long past time for the politicians to get out of the way

  • Boeing C-17A Globemaster

    Comment: How to escape from development hell


    What lessons does the Boeing C-17A Globemaster III hold for the Lockheed Martin F-35B? ...

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    Comment: Aviation is safer since 9/11


    A decade on from the cataclysmic impact of 9/11, aviation is statistically more secure, but suicide bombers still kill on the ground and terrorists remain an unpredictable opponent

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    Comment: Does Boeing's new 737 have the Max factor?


    When Boeing launched the last iteration of its ubiquitous 737 back in 1993, the head of its Renton plant declared it had "built and delivered more than 2,500 and we expect to deliver another 2,500".

  • Tom Enders and John Leahy

    Comment: Art of war masterclass


    Every battle is won before it is even fought, an ancient treatise on conflict says. Airbus seems to have demonstrated this by swooping on Boeing's sacred turf with military precision

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    Comment: Safety's bad guys persistently offend


    Safety is in a rut, it seems. Mostly it is stuck there because the bad guys are not getting any better, despite pressure - and assistance - from the outside and, occasionally, attempts at self-improvement.

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    Comment: Cosy down under


    There is a frenzy of activity among Asia-Pacific airlines to form alliances and strategic partnerships, and more could be in the offing.

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    Comment: Singapore spring at IATA agm


    A week, so the saying goes, is a long time in politics. And for outgoing IATA chief Giovanni Bisignani, it took just two days in Singapore, where airline...

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    Comment: To Mars and back – or a bust-up?


    Five hundred days locked in a windowless container outside Moscow sounds like some sort of Soviet-era re-education scheme. It would certainly be enough to...

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    Comment: Powerful promises


    CFM's endorsement from Virgin America for the Leap engine was won by besting Pratt & Whitney on guaranteed performance. So, the deal is a result more of talking than technology