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    GE’s Roadmap for the Future of Flight

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    GE is developing technologies to reduce CO2 emissions for a more sustainable future of flight. This includes innovating advanced new engine architectures such as open fan through the CFM International joint venture, megawatt-class hybrid electric propulsion, advanced new engine core designs, and supporting alternative fuels research.

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    Driving Accelerated Change

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    The Farnborough Airshow’s Aerospace Global Forum will set the agenda for many of the big issues facing the industry during this decade and beyond

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    Aviation can’t decarbonize without Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

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    The aviation industry has an ambitious goal. The target is to reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 through a mix of revolutionary aircraft and propulsion technologies, alternative fuels and operational improvements. In a matching ambition to be a net-zero company by 2050, GE Aviation is helping lead the industry to ...

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    Collins Aerospace Leads the Way in Thermoplastic Composite Manufacturing

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    Imagine if a company could reduce its manufacturing cycle time by 80 percent while upgrading the products it was building, decrease the weight of those products by as much as 50 percent compared to earlier iterations, incorporate sustainability improvements that could result in a fully recyclable product at the end ...

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    How to plan cost-effective engine MRO

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    At over 200 engines, the LATAM V2500 engine fleet is big. Taking into account that the aircraft are based across multiple countries in different regulations and jurisdictions, and a whole range of climates, it is also complex. Not to mention that each engine has five modules and up to 30,000 ...

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    The Farnborough International Airshow is back and looking towards the future

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    The Farnborough International Airshow will resume its position as the pinnacle event for aerospace and aviation when it returns on 18-22 July

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    At your service: why Bombardier is stepping up in aftersales

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    Your business jet might be the best-equipped on the market, unrivalled in terms of performance, and attractively priced. But if your manufacturer fails to match that with an aftersales service you can rely on to keep your multi-million-dollar asset mission-ready at all times, wherever you are in the world, that ...

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    Why training in a simulator beats learning on an aircraft

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    Why practise in a simulator when an aircraft provides a more realistic experience? Well, for a start, it does not. A training device can teach a pilot to prepare for a host of scenarios and ultimately become a safer aviator

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    GE Digital data helps FlightSafety tailor training based on risk

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    By pooling the real-life experiences of hundreds of pilots flying thousands of sorties each week, FlightSafety and GE Digital are able to identify where risks are highest, and tailor training accordingly

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    Game technology gets trainee technicians inside the engine

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    Virtual reality technology that allows students to view the inner workings of an engine using similar animation techniques to those used in the gaming industry is transforming the way engine maintenance is taught at FlightSafety

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    Clear communication is key soft skill for pilots

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    It’s good to talk. Knowing when and how to communicate is an often overlooked skill for business aviation pilots. Specialist training will make for a more prepared, and ultimately safer crew member

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    Navigating a net-zero future for aviation in Asia Pacific

    Paid content by Shell Aviation, by Jan Toschka, Global President, Shell Aviation

    Decarbonising aviation requires a global effort. Shell is working with customers and partners across Asia Pacific to accelerate aviation’s pathway to net-zero emissions.

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    The future of aerospace is…plastics?

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    In a famous quote from the timeless 1967 movie “The Graduate,” a young Dustin Hoffman receives some prescient advice. His father’s friend tells him about the path to future success: “One word…plastics.” Few would have believed then that even airplanes would one day be built out of plastics. ...

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    In a nutshell: Sustainable aviation fuels

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    What are sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs)? SAFs are sustainable fuels that greatly reduce aviation’s climate impact. They can be divided into two categories: - fuels that are produced using biomass. - synthetic fuels produced using renewable energy and CO2. Several SAF manufacturing processes have already been certified. Power-to-liquid is considered ...

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    Why PCR testing is crucial to rebuilding aviation

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    After a pandemic that knocked the stuffing out of the global aviation industry, the world is taking to the skies again. Although the virus is still prevalent, nations are tentatively opening their borders and international flights are once more connecting families and businesses. It is largely thanks ...

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    A stake in the future

    Paid content by World Defense Show

    World Defense Show begins in the Saudi capital Riyadh in few weeks, taking place from 6-9 March. Exhibition space is sold out, but visitors can still register for this exclusive opportunity to connect with a nation’s industry on a growth spurt

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    4AIR: Setting a New Standard for Sustainable Private Aviation

    Paid content by 4AIR

    A turnkey solution that can take any user of private aviation beyond carbon-neutrality to actual emissions reductions

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    Investing in nature for a net-zero future

    Paid content by Shell Aviation, by Bryan Stonehouse, Head of Sustainability & Risk, Shell Aviation

    Offsetting and nature’s role in aviation’s net-zero ambition

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    Decarbonising aviation: Cleared for Take-Off

    What will it take to make aviation net zero by 2050? Download our report. Paid content by Shell Aviation

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    Decarbonising aviation: mapping a flightpath to net-zero

    Paid content by Shell Aviation, by Jan Toschka, President, Shell Aviation

    Aviation is vital for social and economic progress but if the world is to continue to benefit from flight, the sector must decarbonise.