Aircraft Ratings
Manage risk

Aircraft Ratings

Manage risk


Aircraft Ratings

Gain unique insight into current and future drivers of an aircraft’s likely value performance across a variety of market and macro-economic conditions

How can Aircraft Ratings help me?
Manage risk

Manage risk when deciding if to purchase an aircraft by looking at the forecast for two key variables: expected depreciation and implied downside volatility. 

Understand future value performance

Understand all the elements which will affect the value of an aircraft including historical price movements, GDP, oil price, inflation, aircraft fleet size, and noise and regulatory compliance in order to make more confident decisions.

Comprehensive coverage

View ratings for over 70 aircraft types, to choose the right valuation you need to manage risk and find new opportunities.

Build scenarios

Develop future landscape and scenario models using the likely value performance of an aircraft to make relative value comparisons between aircraft investment options.

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What our customers say

"This tool is not only useful to understand what the market is seeing in terms of values and trends in the industry but also as a way of testing and benchmarking our own views and opinions."

Dick Forsberg
Head of Risk & Strategy


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