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Manage risk

Ascend Fleets

Manage risk

The most comprehensive fleets intelligence to support aircraft investment


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Ascend Fleets

Understand everything you need to know about individual aircraft to help you manage your exposure to the aviation cycle.

How does Ascend Fleets help me?
Understand the fleet profile

View aircraft on order, in service and deliveries to understand how the shape of the world fleet is changing and what new aircraft are coming into the market.

Invest with confidence

Get trusted data on the detail of individual aircraft ownership, history and configuration to support your investment decisions.

Build scenarios

Develop future landscape and scenario models using the current and future view of the world fleet to support long term planning and investement decisions today.

Evaluate future risk

Get the most comprehensive information available on changes in ownership and accidents for individual aircraft, to manage investement and insurance risk.

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What our customers say

"Ascend Fleets has quickly proved to be one of the best aviation information tools we have invested in. It is by far the most sophisticated system available in the market today."




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Flight Dashboard

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