Ascend Values
Invest with confidence

Ascend Values

Invest with confidence

Aircraft values for asset and risk management

Ascend Values

View current and residual aircraft valuations to inform your asset investment decision making and assess the value of your portfolio. Evaluate the risk and potential exposure of investing in an aircraft or engine type.

How does Ascend Values help me?
Make confident investment decisions

Our historical data means the our base value of an aircraft is more accurate. Have more confidence in creating your business strategy reducing your risk and drive profitable growth.

Evaluate investment returns

Evaluate an individual aircraft by looking at its half and full life base values and generic monthly base lease rate to inform your initial investment research.

Get the most reliable and independent values

Updated more than 1000 times a month by our team of experts, your investment decisions would be based on the most up to date data, informed by our unique historical and comprehensive view of the market.

Save time with complete coverage

Instant access to research over 67,000 commercial aircraft and engines values as and when you need them.


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"We take decisions based on Flight Ascend Consultancy’s aircraft value forecasts."


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