Aviation as an investment class
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Why aviation is a smart investment

FlightGlobal’s latest research shows that aviation, as a diversification and risk mitigation opportunity, has transformed from being an esoteric alternative investment class, into a mainstream asset class, requiring annual funding of at least $120 billion.

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FlightGlobal’s analysis of aviation as an investment opportunity covers:

  • Aviation as a sizeable opportunity and its optimistic future
  • Its strong growth fundamentals, including global passenger traffic growth, airline profits and aircraft production
  • The benefits of aviation as an uncorrelated asset class
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Better understand aviation as an investment option

We can help you better understand aviation and assess whether an investment opportunity meets your portfolio strategy, diversification requirements or asset allocation criteria, by providing:
  • Insight into how the global fleet and asset values have developed and reacted through industry shocks and global economic cycles
  • Schedules and airline data and analysis to help you understand the performance of airlines
  • Access to industry professionals who can offer expert opinion and add insight and context to our data

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