Flight Fleet Forecast
Our 2016 report is now available

Flight Fleet Forecast

Our 2016 report is now available

A trusted forecast report on the outlook of the global fleet to help you plan for the future


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Flight Fleet Forecast

The new Flight Fleet Forecast 2016-2035 predicts that the global commercial aircraft fleet will increase by 81% to 49,940 aircraft in 2035.

How does Flight Fleet Forecast help me?
Understand the market

Understand the key drivers of the market, including GDP, traffic growth, oil prices and aircraft financing plus how this will have an influence on the make up of the world fleet.

View future fleet composition

See how the fleet will grow annually with a breakdown by aircraft type and geography. Make sound investment and business decisions with a confident future outlook on the market.

Examine deliveries

Get granular projections by aircraft fleet and deliveries by aircraft type and regions in order to give you the complete view and understand where there are opportunities related to changes.

Plan your business strategy

Get the data in an excel format so you can manipulate the data for your needs, saving you time. Combine with other analysis and in-house data to give you the analysis you need. Additional forecasts for engine fleets and aircraft/engine utilisation are also available to purchase.

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