The FlightGlobal Dashboard is a leading data and analysis service which can provide direct access to ICAO data. ICAO data comprises of detailed financial, traffic, personnel and fleet information about commercial air carriers.


ICAO helps OEMs, MROs, airlines, airports, financial institutions, lessors and insurance companies to secure competitive advantage and allows them to forecast future air transport trends, benchmark, analyse and report on their performance in the market.

How does FlightGlobal's Dashboard ICAO data help me?

Visualise monthly traffic and capacity trends for passenger, freight and mail services and breaks it down by carrier. This allows you to compare your performance with other carriers and market leaders.

Lessors & finance institutions

Access ACF (Air Carrier Finances) data providing a comprehensive view of the airlines finances. This includes; revenues and expenditure, assets and liabilities and retained earnings allowing you to make more informed decisions.


View AT (Airport Traffic) data and compare and contrast the amount of traffic and the type of traffic other airports have adn identify new opportunities.


Make use of all this data to identify potential customers and traffic hubs where you can service customers quickly and effectively.



What is FlightGlobal Dashboard?

FlightGlobal Dashboard is a smart and easy-to-use platform connecting up-to-the-minute air transport news with company, networks and fleet information.


Get tailored news and analysis plus research trends and changes in airlines' fleets, routes and results to help you identify growth opportunities.