Flight Fleet Forecast
Our 2018 report summary is now available

Flight Fleet Forecast

Our 2018 report summary is now available

A trusted forecast report on the outlook of the global fleet to help you plan for the future


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Flight Fleet Forecast
How does Flight Fleet Forecast help me?

Develop your growth strategy

This forecast highlights areas that could impact and influence the growth and success of your business. It’s widely trusted by senior leaders to determine areas where further research and investigation could be required.

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Understand the market factors influencing residual value risk

A detailed outlook on the commercial aviation industry, Flight Fleet Forecast helps financiers and lessors understand the ongoing influences on the residual value risk of your asset.

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Operate the most commercially viable fleet

The view of global aircraft demand provided in this forecast supports planning and strategy departments in the delivery of their fleet management and expansion plans.

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Benchmark your decision-making

This forecast is the most detailed and independent available and provides the best source of information, against which to benchmark your decisions.

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Flight Fleet Forecast provides
Granular projections of aircraft fleet and deliveries by type and region per year

Source credible aircraft forecast information allowing your sales team to prospect for new opportunities with confidence.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors in planning for future demand.

Understand calculated aircraft backlog figures and order numbers per region.

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see how the fleet will grow annually
Detailed forecast on commercial fleet growth over the next 20 years

Get a better understanding on factors that could impact your residual value risk

Understand the ongoing influence and risk of new deliveries and new models on your current portfolio.

Get a view of the risk associated with the future fleet’s growth by region and asset type to provide direction for asset management decisions.

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understand the market factors influencing residual value risk
Detailed prediction of global passenger and cargo aircraft

Realize the value of your existing fleet and forecast its value with a reliable view of how the fleet will grow annually, broken down by aircraft type and geography, as well as market drivers effecting the economic outlook and future aircraft deliveries.

Plan your future fleet and negotiate with suppliers based on future availability trends and forecasting.

Understand your competitors' delivery streams to realise their fleet expansion plans through analysing reliable forecast data.

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operate the most commercially viable fleet
Base your decisions on the knowledge of a team with over 75 years' experience forecasting commercial aircraft and engine demand & supply.

Support your strategic decisions with a detailed analysis of historical trends and developments

Conduct effective market research with market shares for each aircraft type estimated based upon known backlog.

Successfully plan your business investments by benchmarking figures against the only independent 20 year fleet forecast.

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benchmark your decision-making

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Independent outlook of the global commercial passenger and freighter aircraft market
benchmark your decision-making
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