Flight International
Your overview of the latest news and insight across the global aviation industry

Flight International

Your overview of the latest news and insight across the global aviation industry

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Flight International
Over 100 years of providing aviation news and insight across the entire global industry.

Providing analysis and intelligence on the week’s key developments in aerospace and aviation, Flight International has been the authoritative and independent voice in the industry for over a century.

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Providing coverage across a range of industry sectors
air transport

Air transport

From programme updates to market analysis, and in-depth safety and operations coverage to technical insight, Flight International gives you an unrivalled perspective of developments across the world of air transport.

safety & ops

Safety & ops

Keep abreast of regulatory developments, training and safety trends, and our analyses of accidents and incidents with Flight International’s coverage of all key areas of safety and operations.



Keep track of aircraft programmes and understand the strategies driving the OEMs and supply chain – from new deliveries to aftersales – with Flight International’s coverage of the global aerospace industry.



Flight International’s defence coverage tracks all the major programmes, procurement contests and operational deployments across fixed-wing, rotorcraft and UAVs.

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Special features

Air show previews and reports

Flight tests

Safety reviews

Fleet directories and census reports

Aerospace Top 100

In-depth programme updates

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flight international special features

Producing highly detailed aviation illustrations, known as Cutaways, these have continually striven to inform aerospace professionals to developments in civil and military aircraft, as well as engine programmes.

Our archives hold more than 1,500 military and civil aircraft, space vehicles and aero-engines to date, ranging from the Zeppelin to the F/A-18F Super Hornet, and the Autogiro to the Airbus A380.

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With a wide-ranging readership across industry, and an aviation media brand that readers trust, there’s no better place to position your brand to individuals across various sectors in aviation.

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"Flight International continues to be the Gold Standard for Aviation News & Information."


"I continue to read Flight International to keep up to date with Global developments & news. Our organisation operates our fleet of 15 aircraft worldwide in airborne survey operations. I find that Global perspective I get from Flight to be useful."

Gerry McGrath, Field Maintenance Manager, Sander Geophysics Ltd

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Flight International is the oldest aviation magazine in the world having been published since 1909. Search across previous issues of Flight International.

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