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Your early access to the latest issue


As part of your digital subscription you can access the latest issue through your Apple or Android tablet on the very day the issue is published.



Simply create an account and download using your email address and subscriber number


How to access your Flight International digital subscription on your tablet:


Download the Flight International app from the Google Play or App Store 

Tap ‘Sign in’ in the top left or top right corner of your screen

Enter your Username and password


Username: email address

Password:  subscriber number

*Use your Web Order Reference Number until you receive your Subscriber Number


Download the issue you wish to read 


If you have already created your account simply download the latest issue from your newsstand


Forgotten password FAQ

On the move

As well as enjoying additional interactive and video content you can read your latest issue and access your back issue copies on your tablet, whenever and wherever you are.

Upgrade account

To upgrade your account simply:


Go to My Account


Log in with your username and password


Once you are logged in go to the Change how my issues are delivered page


If you do not currently have an active subscription to Flight International click here to subscribe today.

Digital library

Subscribers can also access back issues through the Flight International digital library.  Simply sign in or register to gain access.