Flight International
Provides you with the very best in aerospace and aviation journalism

Flight International

Provides you with the very best in aerospace and aviation journalism

Join our community of industry professionals to benefit from our authoritative in-depth view of the market.

Flight International

Your curated view of the latest news, analysis, comment and in-depth technical and business coverage of the global aerospace and aviation industry

Flight International's award winning content gives aviation and aerospace professionals the knowledge and context they need to make key business and professional decisions.


Published since 1909, Flight International is the oldest aviation weekly. Combining strong heritage with an innovative approach to give you the week’s essential developments in the formats you prefer.


Our interactive multi-channel platforms allow advertisers to showcase their latest campaign creatives to our engaged audience of aerospace and aviation professionals.


All the important developments impacting engine maintenance, components and airframe heavy maintenance within the global market.


Helping you achieve the highest levels of safety.  Each week we cover the latest concerns, regulations, innovations, opportunities and issues regarding safety.

Show Reports

From Paris to Farnborough, Dubai to Singapore, MAKs to DSEI we keep you fully up-to-date with all the news, major releases, orders, highlights and happenings from the industry’s leading air shows and events.

Air Transport

From modernisation to regulation, tenders, orders, evaluations, safety and incidents we keep you updated on the important developments within air transport.

Flight test reviews

From handling qualities, banking angles, thrust parameters, manoeuvrability and braking systems we flight test the most anticipated aircrafts and the raft of new technologies they deliver.


From market entry, competition, environment and safety.  Learn about the latest regulations and how these will impact you.

Special features

Throughout the year we provide a host of special features including the Aerospace Top 100, In-flight entertainment, the annual Fleet Forecast, general aviation, defence, focus on global markets and our half-year airline safety report to list just a few.


Don’t miss our defence special features and coverage of DSEI.  Each week we cover the latest developments including the latest fighters, weapons, rotorcraft and unmanned systems.


What our customers say

"It is the best produced and most insightful source of aviation industry news and comment."



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