FlightMaps Analytics
Analyse flight route data and trends

FlightMaps Analytics

Analyse flight route data and trends

Global route data for over 800 airlines and over 3,300 airports.

FlightMaps Analytics

Identify opportunities and plan future expansion by analysing and visualising historical and future routes

How does FlightMaps Analytics help me?
Analyse route frequency

Find new route options and evaluate their commercial value with our easy to use web interface which allows you to analyse route frequency and capacity data. Historical and future views, plus flexible filtering options, allow you to explore the detail as well as trends over time.

Understand market share

Import your own route data and compare datasets to view how your network has changed over time. Compare routes to your competitors' to see how your market share has shifted and identify potential growth opportunities.

Research expansion opportunities

Visualise all routes from a specific airport and filter by aircraft or airline to understand current competitive positioning or identify opportunities for expansion.

Visualise route maps

Support your business cases by visualising different route options trended over time and export mapped route views and charts to include in reports and presentations.

What our customers say

"FlightMaps Analytics is a great option and we use it for graphical display of routing in our presentations along with the capacity details of the routing."



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