Part of FlightGlobal


Part of FlightGlobal

Find out how Innovata services, part of FlightGlobal, can help you and your business.


Innovata, part of FlightGlobal, provides airline schedules data for more than 800 carriers worldwide and is a strategic partner of IATA, the trade association of the world’s airlines. The schedules data is delivered in a range of flexible formats to suit you.


Innovata became part of FlightGlobal in 2014.


View how FlightGlobal and Innovata services could help you find new opportunities and plan your business strategy.

Which services are available?
Flight Dashboard

Get tailored news and analysis and research everything you need around the key players in the industry. Find out more


Current, future and historical schedules data for over 800 airlines globally. Find out more

Flightmaps Analytics

Map-based analytics service that allows you to analyse key global route data for over 800 airlines and over 3300 airports. Find out more.

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