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FlightGlobal Predictive Services

Predictive Services offers a new, innovative, blended data solution to transform the travelers booking and travel experience. Enhance communications with your travelers, incorporate Predictive Services into your booking stream to influence buying decisions, merchandising and more.

Predictive Services

FlightGlobal Predictive Services data offers the industry a highly-accurate prediction of amenities on-board every single commercial flight worldwide. Travelers using Online Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies and Meta Search Engines can now make well-informed flight purchase decisions during shopping and booking and plan for the flight experience too.

Differentiate the customer experience by offering:

  • Visibility into available amenities for each flight
  • Ability to plan ahead for trips

Improve operations:

  • Develop insights into traveler preferences
  • Expand filtering parameters
  • Access global commercial flights
  • Quickly integrate into shopping UX
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