Flight Schedules Data
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Flight Schedules Data
Connecting you to the industry’s most comprehensive schedules data for intelligent planning and analysis

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We help you to

Improve your route effectiveness, predict growth and capitalize on demand by accessing historical and future flight schedules data.
  • Grow your passenger numbers, capacity and revenue
    Implement the right routes, flight frequencies and aircraft type. Realize hub connectivity and opportunities from potential codeshares and partnerships to expand your network.
  • Optimize your existing network
    Ensureyour schedules and block times work to avoid delays. Provide your passengers with the most desirable schedule and connection opportunities to drive demand and customer loyalty.
  • Analyze changes in competitor activities and capacities
    Over 10 years' historical and 11 months' future data to ensure that you remain competitive and satisfy customer demand by capitalizing on market opportunities.
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Access accurate and reliable data from a single source

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Seat Data

  • Realize the First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy seat configurations
  • Determine which routes offer a more premium service and differentiate you offering
  • Anticipate the number and type of travelers on a particular flight and route

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  • Implement ideal connections times for your passengers
  • Ensure the smooth transfer of passengers’ luggage
  • Realize connection opportunities from over 3,500 airports

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IATA Codes

  • Access the official source for codes assigned by IATA
  • Identify an airline, its destinations and its traffic documents
  • Identify an airport using the unique three-letter codes

What makes Flight Schedules Data unique?

Data sourced directly from over 900 airlines

Over 10 years historical and 11 months future schedules data

Over 140 low-cost carriers

More than 3,500 airports included

Power your network planning, routes development and scheduling decisions with accurate data and analytics.

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