Who's flying where and how that's changing


Who's flying where and how that's changing

Current, future and historical schedules data for over 800 airlines globally


Schedules data to help you find new opportunities to expand your network, power your booking systems and increase revenue.

How can Schedules help me?
Expand your network

Analyse routes, including frequency, capacity and airlines that fly them, to identify growth opportunities. Plus our connections and MCT data give you the most comprehensive view of possible routes to exand your network.

Increase your revenues

Offer more travel choices to your customers and sell more tickets with 360,000 route pairings data powering your system. Get the widest range of viable flight options updated daily by our team of experts, 

Make strategic decisions

Get access to 10 years' of historical data and a 12 month advance schedule. See who is flying where right now, and which new routes are launching in the future.

Save time

Power your internal systems with files in either SSIM, .csv or XML or via APIs to get the data you need, how and when you need it. You can specify your own connection building rules to give you the right insight to drive growth.

What's next?
What our customers say

"FlightGlobal provide the information that I need; easy to find and easy to use. I have turned to it to find something that I needed to know every working day that I can remember."



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