SRS Analyser
A powerful online analysis tool to drive your growth strategies

SRS Analyser

A powerful online analysis tool to drive your growth strategies

SRS Analyser transforms the airlines schedules database making it easy to analyse what matters to you.

SRS Analyser

Your complete network planning and analysis tool

How can SRS Analyser help me?
Create customised reports automatically

Save time with SRS Analyser by designing your own reports that include the data you need. Schedule these to run at a frequency that suits you and have them automatically emailed to multiple inboxes in your preferred file format.

Access extensive schedules coverage

Craft your network plan, consider new routes and determine any changes by analysing leading schedules data for over 900 global airlines and the aircraft they fly. This represents 99.6% of all scheduled passenger flight ASKs and includes over 140 low cost carriers.

Understand changes in competitor activity

Consider flight frequencies, seat capacities and ASKs using the most recent, historical (16 years) and future (11 months) schedules data that is updated weekly. Anticipate demand on specific routes across multiple dates.

Find new opportunities

Expand your network and make informed strategic decisions by analysing data from over 3,500 airports, realising hub connectivity and opportunities from potential codeshares and partnerships.

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