Find out who's flying where


Find out who's flying where

Customised data so you can get the data you want whenever you want


Find new business opportunities and plan your business strategy with FlightGlobal's schedules data. FlightGlobal provides comprehensive schedules of over 850 airlines globally, including historical, current and future 12 months, via customised data feeds. View new and growing routes and see who is flying where and when.


Contact us now to get your customised data feed and see how we can help you plan your future business strategy.

How does Timetables help me?
New routes

Find new business opportunities by seeing new routes and passenger trends

Minimum connection times

Offer more travel choices to your customers with our MCT and connection files

Historical, present and future data

Make strategic planning decisions with our 6 year historical data and 12 month advance outlook for route schedules

Customized data

Data files can be delivered to you in flat file formats or through online APIs and are customisable according to your information needs or frequency requirements.

What's next?
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Read news & analysis plus company profiles invluding financials, fleet data and schedules.

Flightglobal Schedules

Current, future and historical schedules data for over 800 airlines globally.

FlightMaps Analytics

Map-based analytics service that allows you to analyse key global route data for over 800 airlines and over 3300 airports. Find out more.


Help passengers discover where they can fly to with your airport or airline.