Tracked Utilization
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Tracked Utilization
A new elite data set to power your analysis of aircraft and engine flying hours and ground events

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Matching together schedule, status, tracking and fleet data, Tracked Utilization compiles a comprehensive flight-by-flight history for each individual aircraft in the global fleet, including taxi, airborne and turn times.

Understanding your challenges

  • Inaccurate and/or incomplete utilization data from operators leads to higher costs for OEMs and MROs offering fixed-price-per-flying hour support
  • Operating without insights into future utilization patterns limits how OEMs and MROs can grow and increases financial risk
  • OEMs and MROs often have to wait several months for hours and cycles data to be filed, impacting operational efficiency and cashflow

We help you to

  • Gain a true outlook of aircraft utilization by accessing data flight-by-flight and day-by-day, on the ground and in the air, to predict how aircraft are likely to be deployed in the future to forecast demand for replacement parts, aftermarket services and upgrades.
  • Accurately forecast utilization rates to predict revenues and build accurate models to plan business growth and inform pricing conversations based on actual airframe activity.
  • Conduct detailed analysis by using a data feed that shows how individual aircraft have been utilized, search by MSN number and group aircraft that have had modifications.
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Integrating reliable insight into one single source

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Flight Schedule

  • Flight number
  • Operator
  • Departure/arrival airports
  • Published schedule

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Flight Status

  • Actual gate and runway departure/arrival times
  • Calculated turn/taxi/flight times and delays vs schedule
  • Cancellation/diversion/aircraft type change information
  • Terminal/gate information (where available)

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Fleet Data

  • Aircraft/engine types and minor variants
  • Scheduled seats/classes vs actual flown
  • Aircraft weight/age/ownership etc

What makes Tracked Utilization unique?

Linkage of actual tail number to flight status

500 sources of real time flight data

Independent and timely data

Aviation analysts curating fleet data drives quality

Power your analysis of aircraft and engine utilization by accessing tracked hours and cycles information

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