Basic information and logo use

Primary logo with strapline

Flightglobal primary logo

This is the first choice logo for use online and in full colour print. It should always be used on a white background. For process print it uses CMK only (no Y). The colours should not be changed, nor should the positioning or other elements within the logo.

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At small sizes

Flightglobal logo small size

When it is only possible to reproduce the logo at a very small size a version without the strapline is available to use.



Reversed out

Flightglobal logo reversed out


If a logo has to sit on a solid colour background use the solid white reversed out logo.

However the primary logo should always be first choice and the design should be considered to accommodate this.



Single spot colour

Flightglobal logo single spot colour

In rare instances when full colour and tints are not possible, such as on one colour promotional items or fax, then a single, solid colour variation may be used. 


New branding


Colour palette and font styles


Flightglobal colour branding 



New corporate font

Our new corporate font family is News Gothic. This should be used for all printed corporate communications.

Flightglobal fonts


PC-friendly font


News Gothic is not a standard PC font. If it is not available to use on your PC then Arial should continue to be used for internal communications in programmes such Word, Excel and Powerpoint to ensure consistency.


Flightglobal fonts 2