Ascend FlightGlobal Consultancy have hosted two sessions of our quarterly commercial aviation webinars, where our consultants discussed the latest debates and trends in the industry. Here you can listen to the recording of both morning and afternoon webinar sessions as well as download the webinar presentation.




Our leading team of consultants discussed the following topics:


FlightGlobal Fleet Forecast 2015: long - term demand and supply outlook for commercial aircraft.
The Global Aviation Cycle: where are we today?
Commercial Aircraft values and lease rate developments: latest comments from Ascend’s aircraft values review board




Rob Morris – Head of Ascend FlightGlobal Consultancy
Chris Seymour – Head of Market Analysis
George Dimitroff - Head of Valuations

Maximo Gainza - Senior Aviation Analyst


Watch webinar recordings
Commercial aviation webinar morning session
Commercial aviation webinar afternoon session


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