How can FlightGlobal help?
Find new business opportunities

By providing the most complete view of airline route networks and flight schedules, combined with news and industry insight, we enable you to build an in-depth knowledge of airline services, code sharing agreements and planned network and schedule developments. 

Understand the competition

Our breadth and depth of industry data, including fleets, values and schedules, supported by news and company profiles gives you a powerful understanding of the competitive landscape allowing you to make informed strategic decisions.

Assess potential future risks and opportunities

Via expert analysis, forecasts and opinion, we give you a view of how the aviation industry is likely to evolve, and the future challenges and opportunities it may offer to help you create flexible business strategies that can be adapted to future scenarios.

Make informed trading decisions

Our comprehensive global airline fleet data, including aircraft types, history, owners, operators, lessors, planned deliveries and disposals helps you identify suitable aircraft for purchase or lease, and supports decision-making. 


What services can I benefit from?
Flight Dashboard

Get tailored news and analysis and research everything you need around the key players in the industry.




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Schedules data

Gives you the essential information on any potential or existing client and their competitive context.




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Enable your customers to discover routes, destinations and connections using our device responsive route map.




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FlightMaps Analytics

Map-based analytics service that allows you to analyse route frequency and capaicty data to predict the needs of tomorrow and stay ahead of your competition.


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Get valuations & appraisals from our globally positioned ISTAT and ASA certified appraisers includes some of the most experienced and respected experts in aviation and offer a range of industry leading appraisal services.


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Flight Fleet Forecast

Our annual forecast sets out the predicted evolution of the world’s commercial passenger and freighter aircraft fleet, together with the deliveries into and retirements from that fleet over the next 20 years.


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