How can FlightGlobal help?
Customisable data files to power your internal systems

FlightGlobal is the only company able to provide fully customised direct and connecting schedules. Power your internal systems with files in either SSIM or .csv to get the data you need, delivered in your chosen format and frequency, allowing you to import it into your proprietary systems or licensed rates management or distribution software.

Identify business development opportunities

Research utilisation, hours and cycles, trends, orders, retirements and part-out for individual aircraft. Our fleet data helps cargo players gain an unparalleled understanding of the global fleet, stay well informed of industry movements and accurately identify business development opportunities.

Improve your operational efficiencies

Direct flight and connection data enables you to identify a more efficient service for your clients. Specify your own connection building rules to give you the insight to reduce costs, delays and drive revenue.

Understand the competitive landscape

Our breadth and depth of accurate schedules and fleet data, supported by industry news analysis, gives you a powerful understanding of the competitive landscape and the ability to undertake competitive analysis allowing you to make informed strategic decisions.


What services can I benefit from?
Direct Flight and Connection Data

Flightglobal is the only company able to provide customised direct flight or connection data. Designed to be integrated directly into internal distribution systems. You can specify your own connection building rules to give you the right insight to drive growth.

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Cargo Fleets Data

Delivering the market’s most complete, trusted and up-to-date aircraft industry data, including specific cargo information so you can understand size of doors and ULD pallets.


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Schedules Analysis

Use accurate and up-to-date schedules data to support your strategic planning. Understand industry trends and the competitive environment using current, future and historical schedules data from the world’s cargo airlines.


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Flight Dashboard


Get tailored news and analysis plus research trends and changes in airlines' fleets, routes and results to help you identify growth opportunities.


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FlightMaps Cargo

Our popular airline flight routes software is highly functional and visually impactful to clearly present flight plan data to your consumers. Illustrate your flight destinations through a fully interactive and customisable mapping tool.


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Flight Fleets Analyzer

Access the industry’s most trusted, reliable and timely aircraft data, news reporting and forecasting to identify business development opportunities.


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Bespoke cargo aircraft valuations and advisory from some of the most experienced and respected experts in aviation.


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Flight Fleet Forecast

Understand how the fleet will grow annually with a breakdown by aircraft type and geography.



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