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React quickly and stay ahead of the competition

Rely on FlightGlobal to help you quickly identify both short and long term opportunities and drive growth with industry updates, news alerts, analysis and an interactive online fleet database.

Get reliable insight on individual aircraft

Research  utilisation, interiors, hours and cycles, trends, orders, retirements and part-out for individual aircraft to explore specific commercial opportunities.

Identify the key players and decision makers

Use our comprehensive online database of industry professionals to find the right people to speak to regarding potential new deals and partnerships.

Plan future strategies with confidence

Keep up to date on what aircraft are being delivered and the future shape of the world fleet to understand technology trends, and demand for your services. Understand growth in demand from airline expansion and manufacturing developments to help shape your future services and strategy.


Your industry insight

New Engines propel demand

The 2016 Flight Fleet Forecast predicts the delivery of 42,800 new commercial passenger and freighter aircraft over the next 20 years. This drives a market for 86,500 installed engine deliveries, with the fleet in service growing from just over 60,000 engines to 103,000 in 2035.

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A350 & 787 APAC engine maintenance contracts

The majority of customers of the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 in Asia-Pacific have still to announce an engine maintenance provider, with around half the total in-service and on-order aircraft of both types up for grabs.

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Which services can I benefit from?
Flight Fleets Analyzer

Access the industry’s most trusted, reliable and timely aircraft data, news reporting and forecasting to identify new opportunities.



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Flight Fleet Forecast

Our annual forecast sets out the predicted evolution of the world’s commercial passenger and freighter aircraft fleet, together with the deliveries into and retirements from that fleet over the next 20 years.


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Flight Dashboard

Get tailored news and analysis and research everything you need around the key players in the industry.




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Ascend Online Values

Providing nearly 1,000 market value opinions for over 200 types/variants, giving you credible opinion on current market spot prices and future residual value expectations from the industry’s foremost appraiser.


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Get valuations & appraisals from our globally positioned ISTAT and ASA certified appraisers includes some of the most experienced and respected experts in aviation and offer a range of industry leading appraisal services. 


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Aircraft Ratings

Proprietary insight into current and future drivers of an aircraft’s likely value retention over a future horizon.




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FlightGlobal gives your company the awareness, clarity and confidence to work with speed, accuracy and decisiveness – helping you get ahead and stay ahead.