Our award winning team of aviation consultants and analysts, based across Europe, Asia and North America, offers a unique combination of skills, experience and data which enables us to deliver the best solutions across all sectors of the global aviation industry. We travel extensively and are as often on the road meeting customers as we are at our desks. So if we've not managed to meet you in person yet, and you're curious as to what we look like, take a look at our biographies below.


Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy

Rob has more than twenty five years industry experience as a commercial aviation analyst. Prior to joining Flight Ascend Consultancy in January 2012, Rob was Vice President, Marketing & Analysis at BAE Systems Asset Management in Hatfield where he was responsible for market and strategy analysis in support of the regional aircraft lessor’s business winning process. Rob has also worked in the Aerospace team at the UK Government’s Department of Trade and Industry where he managed all aspects of market analysis and forecasting in support of the UK’s investment in a wide range of commercial aircraft and aero-engine programmes. He began his Aviation career in 1990 as a Marketing Executive at British Aerospace (Regional Aircraft).

George Dimitroff, Head of Valuations

George joined the business in 2005, having previously worked at Airbus and United Airlines. He has ultimate responsibility for all Value and Lease Rate opinions produced by the consultancy team. He also leads the annual Future Value and Lease Rate forecasting process. George has worked with the majority of lessors, banks, manufacturers and a number of airlines to support their decision making processes. He is currently based at the New York office and has worked extensively with global clients in the past out of London and Hong Kong. George has a BEng (Hons) in Air Transport Engineering from City University in London and is an ISTAT certified appraiser.

Chris Wills, Head of Consultancy Operations

While based in London, Chris facilitates the efficient running of the Flight Ascend Consultancy globally, closely supporting the Global Head of Consultancy. Chris is a Senior ISTAT accredited appraiser and is a head of helicopter & flight simulator valuations, as well as responsibility in maintaining values on commercial aircraft types. Previously, he managed the European Valuations team directly, a position which followed two and half years spent in the Flight Ascend Consultancy New York office. His main focus areas are oversight of global teams, delivery, valuations, methodology, operating procedures, training and strategic planning.

Joanna Lu, Head of Advisory Asia

With 16 years professional experience in aviation and consultancy business, Joanna is a trusted advisor to governments, regulators, investors, OEMs, airlines and airports. She is experienced in providing high quality advisory services and helping clients to find solutions in addressing the most complicated issues. Joanna specialises in Airport planning & design, airline & airport strategic planning, OEM market studies, network development, environmental impact assessment and cargo market analysis. Joanna is familiar with global and Asia aviation market, industry regulations. She is well known by our key customers in Asia and a regular media commentator on the aviation industry developments.

Chris Seymour, Head of Market Analysis

Chris joined the Flight Ascend Consultancy in 1985 after taking a Business Studies degree at City University, London. In the early 1990s he joined the expanding consultancy arm of the business, undertaking aircraft valuations and market studies. He was instrumental in developing the helicopter valuation side of the business. As Head of Market Analysis Chris now specialises in the growing advisory and market analysis. He works in the team that produces the Flight Fleet Forecast and has developed the new Global Helicopter Forecast. He is editor of Market Commentaries and is also a speaker and moderator at aviation conferences.

Peter Morris, Chief Economist

Peter is a veteran of over 25 years’ in the air transport industry. His expertise spans strategic and economic studies, industry forecasts and a range of traffic, capacity, revenue and cost analyses. Before joining Flight Ascend Consultancy in 2003, Peter was Chief Econ Information & Research (AIR) department into a leading global commercial supplier of air transport information and research. Peter is a regular media commentator on the aviation industry and the impact of new market developments. He holds a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Energy Econoomist and Director, Research Consultancy for the International Air Transport Association (IATA), where he developed IATA’s Aviationmics.

Richard Evans, Senior Analyst

Richard Evans is a Senior Consultant with Flight Ascend Consultancy, where he applies his expertise working on advisory and valuations projects across the whole commercial aviation sector. Richard joined the consultancy team in 2014 after 27 years with Rolls-Royce. Most recently Head of Market Analysis in their Civil Aerospace division, Richard is well known and widely respected for his informed industry views and experience. At Rolls-Royce he was responsible for published industry forecasts and provided analysis of major airline and aerospace industry trends for both internal and external customers, as well as acting as a consultant for business improvement activities. Richard frequently presents at international conferences. He is currently chair of the European aerospace analysts group, FEAMA, and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Ben Chapman, Valuations Manager

Ben manages the UK team of valuations analysts at Flight Ascend Consultancy. He is a helicopter and commercial aircraft appraiser and market analyst. Ben is an International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Certified Appraiser and has spent the past three years specialising in meeting the appraisal and analysis demands of the growing helicopter finance and leasing market, in which he continues to regularly write research papers and market updates.

Flight Ascend Consultancy Senior Analyst Michael Lapson

Michael Lapson, Senior Analyst

Michael is an accredited Appraiser with the International Society for Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) and is based in Flight Ascend Consultancy’s New York office. As a Senior Analyst with Flight Ascend Consultancy, Michael has focused on appraisal of commercial fixed-wing aircraft and spare engines since he joined the team in 2010. Prior to joining Flight Ascend Consultancy, Michael was a consultant in the shipping port industry.

Tony Brooks, Senior Analyst

Tony has worked in the Flight Ascend Consultancy for over 20 years and is a trusted advisor to banks, lessors, operators and lawyers for whom he covers valuations of all aircraft types. He is one of the few qualified ISTAT (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading) Appraisers in the world today and is a qualified Expert Witness from the Cardiff University Law School. He specialises in Expert Witness cases, especially those where a Diminution in Value due to damage history is contested.

Daniel Hall_Senior Valuations Analyst

Daniel Hall, Senior Analyst

Daniel is certified as both an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) with the American Society of Appraisers and an Accredited Appraiser with the International Society for Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT). Based in Flight Ascend Consultancy's New York office, he has a comprehensive knowledge of the Commercial and Business Aviation sectors. His involvements include analysis of values, market insight & commentary, business development, and consultancy advisory. Daniel frequently works on Commercial & Business Aircraft Market Values and Appraisals, to both an ISTAT and ASA-compliant standard. Daniel specialises in the Business Aviation sector actively tracking Market Values and financing for over 50 Business Jet type families / 100 variants. His client interaction ranges with those representing banks, financiers, investors, airlines, lessors, and includes industry conference speaking.

David Griffin, Senior Valuations Analyst

David joined the New York office of Flight Ascend Consultancy in 2017, having previously worked as an Avionics and Systems Engineer at Southern Air and a Commercial Aircraft Appraiser at BK Associates. As a Senior Valuations Analyst, David is focused on appraisal of commercial fixed-wing aircraft and engines. David’s clients primarily include lessors, airlines, hedge funds and investment banks. In addition to being an ISTAT Certified Appraiser, David has a BEng in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Business from the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Thomas Kaplan, Valuations Analyst

Thomas focuses on the commercial aviation market, advising clients on asset values and business decisions. He began his career in the aviation industry in 2005 working for a components manufacturer supplying the major players in Montreal’s aerospace industry including Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney Canada. He has since lived in New York, where he studied business and finance, as well as in Dubai, where he worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney. Thomas holds a mechanical engineering degree from McGill University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Thomas is based in Hong Kong.

Henk Ombelet, Senior Analyst

Henk joined the Flight Ascend Consultancy team in March 2012, continuing a career of more than twenty years spent in aviation and aerospace. He started in the engineering department at Fokker Aircraft, before joining the International Air Transport Association. At IATA he was responsible for traffic and financial data collections, edited World Air Transport Statistics, and conducted many studies, forecasts and consultancy projects in the aviation sector. He subsequently joined FlightGlobal as the data manager working closely with key industry partners in traffic data, schedules and fleet data. He was responsible for product development, and set up the route development conference Network Latin America with Airline Business. Henk holds an MSc in Business Administration and Engineering from Twente University of Technology in the Netherlands. He speaks fluent Dutch and Spanish.

Sara Dhariwal, Valuations Analyst

Sara joined Flight Ascend Consultancy in 2016, after six years in the EMEA Flightglobal Sales team managing relationships with the majority of EMEA lessors and aircraft traders. Sara is specialising in commercial aircraft and helicopter valuations, but is also responsible for liaising with the market regarding developments and providing thought-leadership input. Sara holds a BAHons in Business from the University of Westminster and a CIRM from the Institute of Risk Management.

Flight Ascend Consultancy Valuations and Risk Analyst

Ryan Hammacott, Risk Analyst

Ryan joined the consultancy team in 2016 of spending 3 years in the Flightglobal Data Solutions & Analytics Team. During this time he developed a wide range of contacts, knowledge and skills particularly within the Aviation Insurance sector, where he helped develop a number of bespoke analytical models. With a background in Aircraft Maintenance and Data Coding, his focus is split between valuations, risk analysis and development of models interrogating data on a large scale. Ryan holds a BSc. (1st Class Hons) from Curtin University in Australia.

Eva Karagianni, Valuations Analyst

Eva joined the Flight Ascend Consultancy team as an Aviation Analyst. She holds an MSc on Air Transport Management and Planning from the University of Westminster in London and has a wide knowledge of the aviation industry including Airline Economics and Airport Expansion Strategy. She has been part of FlightGlobal data team prior to joining the consultancy team and she is now responsible for delivering desktop appraisals for different types of aircrafts as well as conducting market research and market commentaries for them.

Dennis Lau, Aviation Analyst

Dennis first joined the Flight Ascend Consultancy in August 2004 as Data Analyst in the UK office, focusing on the research of airline operator data. He later joined the marketing team as Research Editor, and was responsible for analysing data for company publications and preparing marketing material. Dennis also worked on consultancy projects for Asia clients, as well as writing articles for well-known industry publications. Dennis joined the Asia office in February 2012, and has been primarily responsible for researching aircraft fleets data in Greater China and Japan. In addition, he provides data support to key clients and industry knowledge training within the company. Dennis holds a MEng in Aerospace Engineering from Bristol University and an MSc in Aviation Management from the University of Southampton.

Flight Ascend Consultancy Valuations Analyst

Lionel Olonga, Valuations Analyst

Lionel joined the consultancy team in June 2016 and is currently working towards building a specialisation in fixed wing aircraft and engine assets, as well as supporting Flight Ascend Consultancy’s portfolio and lease encumbered valuation capabilities. Prior to joining Flight Ascend, he worked as Portfolio Analyst for Allianz Insurance, where he was involved in pricing and risk modelling of commercial lines business. Lionel holds a Bachelors degree in Air Transport Operations and Management from City University London.

Flight Ascend Consultancy Valuations Analyst

Valerie Bershova, Valuations Analyst

Valerie is primarily involved with commercial aircraft valuations and market commentaries, whilst working towards a specialism in helicopter valuations. She joined the Flight Ascend Consultancy team in March 2017, after spending two years in flight planning for commercial and private operators at Stansted airport. Valerie completed the BSc Aviation Technology & Management course at the University of Leeds and was an ISTAT Scholarship recipient in 2014.

Flight Ascend Consultancy Aviation Analyst

Syed Zaidi, Aviation Analyst

Syed is based in Flight Ascend Consultancy’s New York office as an Aviation Analyst. With a core focus on both, commercial and business jet markets, he is responsible for delivering desktop appraisals, market analyses and commentaries for a variety of aircraft and engine types. Before to joining Flight Ascend Consultancy in 2016, Syed completed his Bachelors and MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University specializing in Airline Management. He also holds an aviation finance and leasing certification under the ISTAT University programme.