2018’s best innovations in aviation and aerospace recruitment?
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Sophie Wild shares recruitment intelligence
2018’s best innovations in aviation and aerospace recruitment?

Today’s best practice

In a competitive recruitment market, keep a step ahead to find the best candidates first.

I know you – like all my clients – probably need to make budgets stretch further across more platforms and apps. Some innovations are still proving themselves. Some already offer real solutions to the types of challenges you’re facing day to day, like distinguishing yourself from the competition, building rapport with prospective candidates, and targeting a global recruitment market.

So here’s an overview of my top three important and innovative recruitment trends for 2018 – with my advice on how to make them work for you in the year to come.

Building your recruiter brand with social media (and not just LinkedIn)

Social media is likely part and parcel of your existing strategy. But are you maximizing your impact?

Let’s quickly recap. The vast majority of under 40s – and even 41% of over 40s – consume news via social media. On average, people unlock their phones 80 times daily and spend 35 minutes each day on Facebook. We spend more time on social media than eating. Social media is an incredibly effective way to build rapport.

As the importance of social media grows, here are some tips to ensure you’re getting the full impact:

  • Include social media links on the recruitment pages of your website. You have amazing content, so help candidates find it.
  • Consider which platforms you’re using. Yes, LinkedIn helps you promote roles, and Twitter is great for sharing news. But to develop a holistic sense of your recruiter brand, you should consider pushing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat or Snapchat.
  • While LinkedIn is a platform well suited for people who are actively looking for jobs, Facebook is ideal for capturing the attention of passive candidates and provides an easy, seamless way for job seekers to submit applications. Since February 2017, Facebook’s new job opening feature has become available in the U.S. and Canada and was rolled out in the UK in March. You can host new job openings on your business page and promote them to your followers. When someone sees these openings, all they have to do is click “apply now” and attach their CV to send in their application. Additionally, with over 2 billion active users, Facebook gives you access to a broader talent pool than LinkedIn.
  • Use video. This point is so important I’m going to elaborate…

The impact of video

The internet is primarily text-based, so video content helps your brand stand out. And it’s just as useful on your company website as social media.

Why is video important? It’s engaging. You can convey more information in less time. It’s exciting, emotional and personal, and lets you build deeper connections.

With video, your audience is six times more likely to retain a message, spends 2.6x longer on your webpage, and develops more trust. On social media, videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

What’s more, video can be fun and easy. Live streaming on social media lends a real immediacy to your connections with job seekers. These interactions should be informal and a little off the cuff, so you don’t always need major production resources.

Customized virtual recruitment roadshows with FlightGlobal

Connect with your target audience using the best features of an online platform and global audience. Build a dialogue with job seekers before they apply for your roles.

This is really combining some of the best digital recruitment tools in one place. Using a single online platform, you can engage with job seekers in real time – with video, live chat and live job applications.

I’ve been running virtual events for 12 months, but this is something brand new because it’s exclusive and personalized to your company. Each virtual event can be marketed through the FlightGlobal community of 700,000 industry professionals to your most relevant audience, be it pilots, cabin crew, engineers, or a broader recruitment drive.

You can find more information about the virtual events here.

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