How to add extra impact to job advertisements
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Sophie Wild shares recruitment intelligence
How to add extra impact to job advertisements

Consumer branding

Consumer branding is sophisticated and enticing – creating excitement and loyalty among air travelers worldwide.

But is your company paying enough attention to its recruiter brand? Is it maximizing opportunities to woo potential employees? The team at Flight Jobs advises each recruiter to nurture their brand and to take innovative opportunities to advertise it well. We have found that recruitment advertising is more impactful when job seekers engage with your brand and imagine their future with it.

Go above and beyond posting a job online

Years of experience have shown us that online job advertising alone does not build these connections – the straightforward job-board concept can soon go flat.

The more engaging and impactful advertisements come from multimedia opportunities, and at Flight Jobs, we have seen how visuals, banners, multi-purpose units and video content can help employers showcase their vision.

If job seekers can gain an insight into your company’s working life (through a recruiter video, for example), they more readily understand the career and relationship potential.

Harnessing search engine optimization (SEO) adds impact to job advertising too. The most popular keywords are the job title and location, and you should include these to give any advertisement prominence in searches.

We also encourage you to blog. Writing about your organization’s culture will contribute to relationship and brand building. It also increases searchability – boosting your SEO, while growing job seekers’ interest.

How Flight Jobs can help you add extra impact

As part of the world’s largest aviation media website, with a community of professionals across all aspects of the industry, the team can help position your roles and brand in the best channels to reach your target candidates.

The team can design tailored packages to leverage many opportunities, such as pairing a video with a recruiter profile, creating leaderboard banners, or profiling an employer within our popular Careers Hub features – all of which will inspire our 135,000 monthly job seekers.

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